The Best And Worst Halloween Candy For Your Kids Teeth

The Best And Worst Halloween Candy For Your Kids Teeth

As your little one is giddy with excitement for Halloween, you might be wondering how all that candy is going to affect their oral health.


And there’s no other way to put it: candy is generally bad news for teeth and can increase the child’s risk for cavities. Still, some types of candy are tooth-friendly. Check out this short article to learn more.


The best types of candy for kids’ teeth


These are generally considered to be the most tooth-friendly sweet treats:

  • Sugar-free candy: Candy with no sugar provides the best of both worlds! It’s sweet, so your child will love it, and without any sugars to lead to cavities;

  • Dark chocolate: Unlike milk chocolate, darker ones contain less sugar and more cocoa. They are easier to clean from the teeth than other types of candy as well.

  • Naturally-dried fruit: These contain fewer added sugars and are tasty enough for your little one to enjoy.


The Worst Types of Candy for Kids’ Teeth


Unfortunately, the worst types of candy for kids’ teeth are usually the most popular ones during Hallow:

  • Hard candy: Not only are they full of sugar, but kids also tend to try and chew on them, which places too much pressure on their teeth;

  • Sticky candy like caramel: These treats can stick to the child’s teeth and give harmful bacteria access to all the sugar they want unless the child brushes their teeth right away.

  • Sour candy: Apart from sugar, sour candy is also highly acidic, which can erode tooth enamel and weaken the child’s teeth.


What to Do on Halloween


Lots of parents wonder if they should simply prevent their children from eating these Halloween treats and give them healthier options instead.


While that would be great, let’s be realistic: What child would prefer a few pieces of dried fruit instead of a milk chocolate bar?


One night of sweet fun is generally not a problem as long as:

  • The child’s overall diet includes less sugar and more food-friendly foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The child brushes their teeth thoroughly to remove all the Halloween candy.
  • The child regularly brushes at least twice a day.


You can also give your child some sugar-free gum to chew after enjoying some of the Halloween candy, especially if they’re still trick-or-treating and can’t brush their teeth for hours. Gum can help promote saliva production and catch on to some of the particles stuck on the child’s teeth.


How My Kids Happy Teeth Can Help


Through preventative care, you can help your child avoid cavities, even if they indulge in some Halloween treats. Dr. Engineer and Dr. Raj are here to help your little one’s smile grow happy, healthy, and cavity-free.


Request an appointment at My Kids Happy Teeth and bring them for a short consultation.


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