Your Child’s First Visits

The Importance Of A Dental Home

Lifelong Care For Your Child

A “dental home” is a dental office where your child gets most of their dental care as they grow up. It’s a place where you and your family can feel truly comfortable, and know that you’re getting the treatment you need for healthy mouths. That’s exactly what we seek to provide at My Kids Happy Teeth.

As experienced children’s dentists, Dr. Abhiraj Bhatt (Dr. Raj) and Dr. Cheryl Engineer Bhatt (Dr. Engineer) have built our office to provide an amazing experience for kids of all ages. We offer comprehensive children’s dentistry under one roof, which minimizes referrals and costs for busy parents.

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What To Expect

Your Child’s First Visit

At your child’s first visit, one of our dental team members will take x-rays of their mouths using our safe, digital x-rays machines. This lets Dr. Engineer or Dr. Raj get more insights into their oral health. Once that’s done, one of our dental hygienists will gently clean your child’s teeth.

Your child’s hygienist will remove plaque and tartar from their teeth, polish their teeth, and floss to remove any remaining debris. Once your child’s cleaning is done, Dr. Raj or Dr. Engineer will come into the room. They’ll get to know you and your child, then provide a comprehensive oral exam, checking your child’s teeth and gums for signs of common issues like tooth decay. 

After this, you’ll schedule any necessary follow-ups. Then, your child will get a goody bag of toys and a balloon, so that they’ll be sent home with a smile!

Preparing For Their Appointment 

What To Bring With You

If you have dental insurance and wish to utilize your dental benefits at our office, be sure to bring your insurance card. If your child has past dental records, you can bring these, too. You may also want to bring your child’s favorite toy, blanket, or another comfort item. This can make them feel more comfortable, especially if they haven't been to the dentist before.

How To Prepare Your Child

Ensuring A Safe, Fun Visit

If this is your child’s first visit to the dentist, we highly recommend maintaining a positive attitude, and treating their appointment like it’s no big deal. If you’re nervous or anxious, your child will be able to tell, and they may also start to feel nervous.

We also recommend teaching your kids a little bit about dentistry. There are lots of children’s books, YouTube videos, and other resources that go over the basics, and explain why dental care is so important for kids. That way, your little one will know a bit about what to expect during their visit.

Another great tip is to schedule your appointment either early in the morning or right after your little one’s afternoon nap. If your child is well-rested, they're less likely to be cranky during their appointment.

Finally, consider giving them a little reward after their appointment, even if they cry or have a hard time. Our team will give them a balloon and a few toys after their visit at My Kids Happy Teeth. But you can also consider taking them to a park, getting them a special snack, or doing something else that’s fun as a treat for your little one. That way, your child will look forward to future dental appointments!

Your Child’s New Dental Home In Bakersfield

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