Dental Crowns For Kids: What To Expect

Dental Crowns For Kids: What To Expect

Just as adults, children can and often do have teeth problems due to several reasons. 

When kids suffer from tooth decay, your pediatric dentist will decide which treatment is best suited for your child, making sure to restore their oral health and ensure that their baby and permanent teeth will grow and develop properly. 

A lot of people think that baby teeth don't really matter, but they will set the tone for strong oral health in your child.  

Why Would My Kid Need a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped coverings that are bonded to the tooth to restore its function and shape. 

When a pediatric dentist decides to apply a dental crown on a child’s tooth, it is mainly because of the following reasons:

  • Tooth decay has reached a very advanced level; 
  • The child suffered an accident that led to a fractured tooth;
  • When a primary tooth doesn't develop correctly, the dentist will use a dental crown to make sure it functions properly. 

One of the most common reasons kids need dental crowns is tooth decay. As mentioned already, dental crowns will ensure that your child's teeth will grow healthy and strong.  

Preparing for a Dental Crown

First, you can talk to the pediatric dentist to see what the best crown options for your kid are. Not all dental crowns are the same, and the tooth structure and aspect will determine the crown that fits them better.  

The Process 

  • The first step is to prepare the tooth by shaping it for the crown to fit perfectly. 

  • The second step is to create the impression using a dental putty or a digital scanner. The impression is sent to a lab where the crown is made. This is the step where the color is also selected. 

  • The third step is to get a temporary crown until the permanent one arrives; it usually takes a few days.

  • The fourth step is to bond the permanent crown. This will be done with a local anesthetic to keep the process pain-free and comfortable. 

These are the simple steps your child will have to go through if they need dental crowns.  


After the process is over, follow the dentist’s instructions to ensure a healthy recovery and aftercare. 

  • The child can start eating when the anesthesia wears off. This way, they will minimize the risk of biting their tongue or cheeks. 


  • A bit of discomfort is normal after the procedure. You can give your kid over-the-counter medicine to help ease their symptoms. 

  • Avoid sticky and chewy foods. 

  • Keep good daily oral hygiene. 

Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • They help save the natural tooth
  • They help preserve the jawbone 
  • They resist corrosion 
  • They are strong and long-lasting 
  • Easy to maintain 

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