5 Signs That Your Child Needs A Pulpotomy

5 Signs That Your Child Needs A Pulpotomy

Did you know that even baby teeth can get infected? Poor oral hygiene, lifestyle factors, and even genetics can all contribute to developing cavities which, without intervention, lead to an infection.

A common treatment for infected teeth in children is called a pulpotomy, also known as a “baby root canal”. If you’re wondering whether your child needs one, keep reading this blog post to find out!

What's the Purpose of a Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy aims to treat an infected baby tooth. The dentist essentially removes all the decayed tissue from the tooth and sterilizes the remaining pulp and tooth. After that, they seal the hole and either rebuild it with a filling or apply a dental crown on top if the infection was more severe and more tooth tissue was removed.

Does My Child Need a Pulpotomy?

Your child may need a pulpotomy if they have an infected tooth. If they only have a cavity, the more common treatment used is dental sealants, which help protect the tooth from the cavity growing.

However, dental sealants are designed to treat the first stages of a cavity. If left untreated, the cavity forms a hole in the tooth, allowing bacteria from the mouth to get in. This is how, over time, the tooth can become infected.

When Is Treatment Needed?

Here's how to tell if your child’s tooth is infected and may need a pulpotomy:

  1. Swelling

Infection can lead to swelling around the area of the tooth. You may even notice your child’s face looks slightly swollen, especially if the teeth in the front of the mouth become infected.

  1. Tenderness

You may notice your child does not want to brush their teeth or complains about a bit of pain when they eat. Infections can make the tooth more tender to the touch.

  1. Pain in the Area

If the tooth is infected, your child will experience a toothache. In some cases, the pain can come and go, but even so, you should still take your child to see a dentist.

  1. Tooth Sensitivity to Hot or Cold

Your child may feel a sharp pain when eating ice cream, hot soups, or other foods that are hot or cold. For a while, they may only eat room-temperature foods, since those do not cause them discomfort.

  1. Chipped Tooth

Tooth infections eat away at the natural pulp, slowly making the tooth weaker. As a result, chips and cracks can occur more easily.

Does Your Child Need a Pulpotomy?

If you suspect your child may be dealing with a tooth infection, or any other dental problem, Dr. Engineer and Dr. Raj can help make sure the little one’s smile is happy and healthy!

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